You win some, you lose some

Obviously you take part in a tender procedure to win, but you also lose some. It’s frustrating for a while, but every lost tender also yields valuable experiences and insights.

We recently lost a tender, but we had still put together a cool development strategy for the Lichtenvoorde local council. Together with architectural firm Studiospacious, property developer Hegeman Bouwgroep and WeBuildHomes, we drew up a plan that we think would be a shame to shelve. This is why we are taking this chance to explain it briefly.

Cities and towns are increasingly faced with empty access streets leading into the centre. The withdrawal of (large) chain stores is creating an unpleasant streetscape, together with streets that people are less keen to walk through. So how can local councils give these once so successful access streets a new urban planning structure and inject new life into them?

Our plan consists of a combination of affordable owner-occupied and rent-controlled homes with striking architecture. The plan connects streets to each other, injecting new life. At the heart of this development is a courtyard, with facilities for playing and spending time, which helps create a pleasant living environment for young and old. Respect for climate and nature are built into the plan, which means this is a pleasant space, not just for people but also for plants, butterflies and birds.

If you, as a local authority, are also struggling with the problem of empty access streets into your town or city centre, we would like to talk to you. We would be more than happy to act as your sparring partner on this interesting, modern-day challenge, and walk you through our development plan.

Copyright beeld Studiospacious, Tim Stet en SCOFO.