Living in Oosterhout Park in Alkmaar, that sounds wonderful!

The municipality of Alkmaar has published a tender for the lot at the former Matthias school, adjacent to Oosterhout Park. Together with Annegien van Dijk of Brique architects,  we submitted what we believed was a perfectly fitting plan. Brique designed two pavilion-like residential buildings in a green setting. By seeing this area as part of the park, it not only improves the connection between the neighbourhood and greenery, but also forms an entrance area for the park.

Out of 20 entries, we finished in second place with this positive feedback from the municipality of Alkmaar; “Your registration scored very high, especially in the areas of Urban Quality and Sustainability. The presentation of your plan left nothing to be desired and demonstrated the great effort that was involved. We hope that we will meet you again at the next redevelopment location.

Annegien van Brique commented:
The outside orientation of both buildings are identical, but by mirroring the asymmetrical shape and nuanced colour differences, gives each their own character. They taper, so that they look slender at the top end of the lot and are wide on the other side, so that they form a beautiful accompaniment to the new street and sight line into the park. At the end of the street is a small place to enjoy that also invites other local residents to use the green area. In the future it will be possible to walk from here to a new walking path next to the water.”

We still feel like winners!