RED Concepts’ housing platform WeBuildHomes hands EUR 10,000 cheque to the HomePlan foundation Breda

Director Gawein Minks of project developer WeBuildHomes, today handed a cheque for EUR 10,000 to Marike van Seeters of the HomePlan foundation. The money will be used to provide better housing for the poorest people in various developing countries. A house for you, a house for them. Project developer WeBuildHomes makes a contribution to Stichting HomePlan for each street it realises. For each street WeBuildHomes builds, Homeplan will build a house on the other side of the world. WeBuildHomes has already completed its projects in The Hague and Enschede and will complete its project in Aalsmeer at the end of 2019. This meant WeBuildHomes was able to hand over a cheque for EUR 10,000. 

Choosing HomePlan

Because we build homes ourselves, Homeplan was an easy choice for us. We know like no other how important a home is to everyone. HomePlan has now built homes in Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, El Salvador, South Africa and Swaziland. So if you choose a WeBuildHomes home, you also contribute to a house, a home and a future for some of the poorest people in the world.

 Anniversary HomePlan

HomePlan has been building homes for the poorest people in the world for 22 years. The counter now stands at more than 4,000 homes! A house provides safety and protection against rain, cold and diseases. A safe home is the beginning of a better future. After all, the house is not a goal in itself; it is the means to give residents the opportunity to continue to develop. With a house as the means, we are building a better future together!