RED Concepts donates a house to HomePlan

RED colleagues; Paul van Essen and Koen van Meer proudly handed over a cheque worth €2350 to Patricia Dijkstra, Business Fundraiser of HomePlan.

The HomePlan Foundation is a small-scale development organisation that builds houses, homes and a future for the poorest in Latin America and Southern Africa. RED Concepts’ WeBuildHomes (WBH) housing label has been supporting HomePlan for a number of years (for every completed street, WBH donates a home) something RED is honoured to do.

Earlier this year we developed an office campus in Helsinki, Finland, for our client Azerion. This campus offers Azerion employees a pleasant and safe workplace, something like a second ‘home’. With this thought in mind, we decided to donate an amount equal to the number of m2 of the office campus to HomePlan. So, we have donated €2350 to give a vulnerable family in Zimbabwe a safe home.

About HomePlan and their project in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe is ravaged by political instability, famine and hyperinflation. Nearly 73% of the population lives below the poverty line and about 14% of adults in the country are infected with HIV/AIDS. An entire generation has been wiped out by the AIDS virus, leaving many children orphaned at a very young age.

In Zimbabwe, in collaboration with the sisters of the St. Teresa Mission, HomePlan is building ten houses for vulnerable families in the countryside around the capital Harare. One of these houses can now be realised thanks to this donation!

“We are very happy to receive this donation for this beautiful project and grateful to RED Concepts for its involvement with HomePlan!” said Patricia Dijkstra.