Developer WeBuildHomes’ ‘Garden Village’ new-build project reaches milestone

The ‘Garden Village’ new-build project has reached an important milestone. Construction company Boer Bouw has completed the pile-driving work and will start laying the ground floors tomorrow. To celebrate this milestone, WeBuildHomes has teamed up with construction firm Boer Bouw to organise a festive event on Wednesday 15 May from 15:00 to 17:00 hours for all buyers everyone else directly involved in the project. On this festive day at the future Charles Gabrijweg, those in attendance will witness as special ‘construction act’ and this will be followed by a toast.

Garden Village, unique and remarkable

The Garden Village project will comprise 24 architect-designed homes, all of which have been chosen by the buyers themselves. The residents were able to choose their homes from an extensive housing library of more than 50 different design houses, all designed by well-known Dutch architects, such as de Architekten CIE, Luud van Ginneken and Henk Korteweg. Each house is different and that will soon create a varied, unique and striking streetscape in Garden Village.