Welcome Dennis Kleer!

We are happy to introduce our new colleague Dennis!
Since 4 January, Dennis Kleer strengthens our team in the role of junior project developer. Dennis successfully completed his Real Estate & Real Estate Agent degree last year and will now put his knowledge into practice with us.

After completing my Real Estate & Real Estate Agent degree at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I was sure my interests lay in project development. When a vacancy at RED Concepts was announced, I immediately became excited. RED is ambitious, innovative, unique and international. Values that appeal to me. I enjoy coming to work every day and have a great team around me who are teaching me the tools of the trade!

We are very happy with Dennis’ arrival. In addition to Dennis starting his career with us and gaining experience, we can also learn from him. We are embracing the new generation that is just entering the labour market. With his insights, energy and knowledge, we welcome Dennis to the team!